What is Press Release in SEO?

What is Press Release in SEO?

The advent of the digital era has completely transformed the way we are consuming information. What hasn’t changed is the need for it. As more and more channels open up for sharing content, we delve deeper and deeper into the depths of the digital realm.

Traditional news has taken a nosedive and given rise to online news. No longer are people glued to their television screens for news. Their screens have ‘smartly’ morphed into online portals of immediate information.

At such a time, companies and businesses look to digital media to share updates and news about their products, services, acquisitions, mergers, etc. In days gone by, companies circulated press releases through television or newspapers. Nowadays, since almost everything is online, press releases have made the transition to digital.

What is a press release?

Press releases are PR exercises employed by companies to inform users of what they are working on and other developments.

However, from an SEO standpoint, one does wonder, “what exactly is the use of a press release in SEO? And does it really matter?”

In fact, it does. Press releases are not particularly SEO techniques. They are primarily used for brand-building and reputation management. When done right, a press release can generate buzz around your brand, direct a lot of traffic to your website, and create journalistic interest.A press release mainly deals with the usefulness of the news rather than SEO.

But as an SEO expert, it would be uncharacteristic of you to not take advantage of this feature and make it worth the publish.

How does a press release help with SEO?

An SEO press release may not have the power a blog post or article might, but it does help in a few ways.

·         Building quality backlinks: Any SEO expert will tell you that backlinks are crucial for traffic-generation. Just like you have social bookmarking sites to submit links, there are multiple press release submission sites that will host your content as well as provide valuable backlinks to your website.

·         Boosting traffic: By adding the right keywords and linking from press release submission sites, you can boost traffic to your website.

·         More traffic means more sales: The whole point of SEO is to market your company’s products and services so that users will buy them. The more users see your products, the more likely are they to make a purchase.

·         Building online reputation: Regular news updates tell users about the work your company is doing, thus building a reputation. This adds to your company’s credibility.

Drawbacks of press release submissions

An SEO press release does not have the same value as social bookmarking or high PR directory submissions. The approach to all these SEO techniques is the same but the results are vastly different.

The main disadvantage of a press release is that it becomes obsolete almost immediately. If you publish a press release on Monday, it will have become old news by Tuesday. And no one wants to read old news.

Think about it!

Will you read news about the Nokia 1100 that was released over a decade ago? Unless it is being relaunched, you wouldn’t even click on the link. Why Nokia 1100? Take news about the Apple iPhone X, launched two years ago. Would you read it now? The answer is plain and simple. No.

Unlike blog posts and articles that evolve with time and technology, press releases fade away as the days pass by.

Is it worth writing a press release for SEO?

Considering all that I’ve discussed, we come back to the same question, “does a press release really matter in SEO?”

The jury is divided on this.

One side says that getting backlinks through press release submission sites makes it a good contender for SEO. The other side looks at its short life span and doesn’t bother dealing with it at all.

In conclusion, I would say this.

There is no harm in writing SEO press releases. See what works for your company and go with it. Follow the same procedures as you would in regular bookmarking and submit your content to credible press release submission sites. The traffic you generate may not be as high, but as the cliché goes, every little bit helps.